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All the pros of buying Antico Eremo Soft Serve Gelato

Easy and quick for flawless results.

The speedy range includes powder mixes for gelato, to be diluted with water or milk, depending on the desired flavor.

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Please Dessert Responsibly

This dessert topic consists of donuts and ice cream or some may call it …doughnut. We’re not particular about the spelling – as long as you get to eat the ice cream filled doughnuts!! 

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Wine Not Try A Delightful Treat

Wine FroséEverything you ever wanted in a dessert..... Wine Ice Cream

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BenefitsThe Aurel model FS162 and CS162 is most popular when showcasing some of the many features that consumers like about soft serve machines, such as having full control of their equipment, conserving on energy while eliminating noise, and having a stunning piece of equipment. We've put together a list highlighting some of these unique features.

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Antico Eremo

ItalyAurel LLC had the pleasure of offering an outstand Soft Serve Gelato at the North Carolina Restaurants and Lodging show in Charlotte North Carolina this past August. Antico Eremo offers high-quality product that not only tastes delicious but looks amazing. The U.S. company Antico Eremo Inc. was established in July, 2013, in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company is the exclusive importer and distributor for the U.S. market of Antico Eremo S.P.A. products.

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Gulfhost Show 2018


Dubai’s Biggest Hospitality and Food Service Expo

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Ease Of Operation

360FS162When Aurel’s team came together as a group we decided to take a step back and review what was happening within the Soft Serve Industry over the past few years. What we realized was that there were some common inefficiencies across the board that needed to be dealt with, so we identified the current and potential future needs of the operator and made improvements their top priority in the design process. The results became the creation of an advanced technological state of the art piece of equipment that was simple to operate.

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What Is Overrun?

Overrun is the term for the percent of expansion of ice cream achieved from the amount of air incorporated into the product during the freezing process. An overrun of 50% means that it has expanded 50% Which means air has increased the quantity of the ice cream by 1.5 times from when the ice cream base was first added to the machine.

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Things You Should Know Before Purchasing


When opening a frozen yogurt shop, your purchase of  soft-serve machines will be the largest investment. Finding the right machine for your shop is very important therefor you want to be sure you are purchasing quality equipment that will profit your investment. This information may seem overwhelming especially with so many options in the market you want to choose carefully when spending about $50,000 on your soft-serve machines, the investment of your time will be well worth it.

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Chillz Frozen Yogurt has expanded to Riverside’s Mission Grove neighborhood.



The dessert shop is the the latest and most popular addition to the Mission Grove Shopping Center, at 231 E. Alessandro BLVD., Suite F. The new location served about 1,900 people on its opening day last June. Bryan Young, one of the shops owners is very satisfied with his second location.

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