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You’ll Never Have A Deserted Dessert Place Again! Types of Desserts That You Can Make With Aurel

Just thinking of that much ice cream makes you want to rush to the nearest dessert bar and grab a cone!

Desserts not only please the palate with rich varieties of flavors and textures but also benefit the economy by contributing almost $39 billion to it, according to IDFA reports.

With dessert-makers having been in the industry for half a century, the chances of finding a dessert place empty on the US territory are slim. However, it doesn’t hurt to diversify your menu range by including more dessert options. Aurel is a leading provider of machines in the dessert market and with Aurel appliances, dessert businesses can actually add more to the variety they offer.

Here’s all that can be achieved with Aurel machines.

Soft Serve Ice Cream Scoops

A velvety emulsion of dairy products and butterfat, ice creams are a creamy delight to enjoy as they melt in your mouth. Made with a standard custard base and customized flavoring, soft serve ice creams are a special frozen dessert with a distinguished taste because it’s aired while being frozen.

It sets itself apart from other kinds of regular ice creams based on a unique ratio of fat and air. Whipped to perfection and smoothed to a silky texture, soft serves yield a soft mouth feel with an indulgent creamy taste and airy-light density.

Frozen Yogurt

A widely-loved dessert of choice, frozen yogurt offers a distinct hint of fruity goodness in ice creams. The emulsified dairy solution combines bacteria cultures and an ice cream base to add a tinge of citrusy flavor. The pro-biotic element that frozen yogurts are known for is the bacterial culture that is added as a secret ingredient in its recipe.

A rising trend in the food industry has allowed dessert makers to experiment with Greek yogurt as an ice cream base. Rich in proteins, this base offers more health benefits than other sweet treats. After meticulous straining of liquids and lactose, the process results in an irresistible creamy goodness that’s a delight to have.

Heavenly Milkshakes

The debate surrounding this treat has popularized this as a dessert option even more, as it’s increasingly being sought after by many food businesses. The ultimate question—is it a drink or a dessert?— only convinces more and more people to try it before sharing their verdict. Picture8

Served with luxurious toppings of whipped cream, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, cookies and wafer rolls, these creamy-rich drinks are made from brownie chunks, cream and milk. With a relatively simple recipe, this dessert drink tastes and looks better than most options on the menu.

It offers a variety of flavors and toppings to make each sip more tasteful than the last one. Often served with a side of fruits or nuts, milkshakes are less of a drink and more of a snack because of their thick consistency and rich flavor.

Our FS163, CP 102 and other expertly engineered machine designs offer umpteen soft serve innovations. These machines are manufactured using modern proprietary technology that has put them at the epicenter of the food industry.

Our designs and accessories have been manufactured and assembled in the US and are popular choices among commercial businesses moving towards automation. We’re a leading ice cream machine supplier for restaurants and can provide them for your business as well! Contact us for orders

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