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Establish an A-grade Business With the Right A: How Our Machines Can Help Set Up A Successful Business

However, if you were to prioritize the basic needs in order of importance, food would naturally take the first rank as the lack of it will lead to loss of lives. Therefore, using this bit of economic insight, entrepreneurs have entered the food industry with hopes of profitable gains in future.

Our machines are especially designed to assist major food chains and start-ups to anchor their place in the industry and sustain a flourishing business. Here’s an overview of how your business will run.

Origins of Soft Serve Ice Cream

An experiment conducted in Britain allowed manufacturers to test the results of doubling the amount of air in ice cream. The result was this frozen dessert which soon became a hit in the industry. Since it allowed dessert manufacturers to use lesser quantities of the ingredients and create an exceptional treat, it was a win-win for both makers and buyers.

How Is It Different From Regular Ice Cream

Soft serve came on the rise with consumers showing greater preference for frozen desserts with a more airy density and lighter texture. On the contrary, regular ice cream is denser and heavier to taste with a higher butterfat to air ratio. Soft serve ice creams have less than half the amount of fat found in regular cones.

They’re stored and served at -4 degree Celsius as opposed to the standard practice of storing regular ice cream at -15 degree Celsius. This allows warmth to melt the ice cream into a runny creamy goodness with an enriched flavor.

The Procedure

The key to making perfect ice cream with its signature texture is to freeze it quickly before it starts to crystallize. For soft serve ice cream, the freezing is part of the automated process completed by a machine. A mixture is kept in the storage chamber of the ice cream maker at a temperature of -3 degree Celsius.

When the lever is pulled to draw it from the valve, the machine first adds fresh mixture to the storage chamber, churns and then delivers. The remaining quantity is frozen and stored that way until later need.

Types of Premixed Products

Apart from a soft serve ice cream machine, you’ll need ingredients to make a mixture. Here are 3 types of premixed products available.

1. Fresh Liquid

The liquid will be used as a solvent which is to be stored in a refrigerator until needed. It stays fresh for a week after which it might get spoiled.

2. Powdered Mix

This is same as the liquid product except in powdered version. This is easier to handle and is not as susceptible to bacterial contamination. At the time of making, it needs to be dissolved in water before being churned and frozen. Care should be taken to keep the mixture at low temperatures at all times as warmth can cause bacteria to infect.

3. Ultra Heat Treated Mix

This is a sterilized and packed version of the liquid mix. As it’s sealed and packed in sterile bags, it can preserve freshness over a long time. This is a ready-made ingredient as it can be poured into the freezer directly. However it needs to be refrigerated prior to use for best results.

If you’re looking for commercial soft serve ice cream machines, Aurel is a leading US-based manufacturer that supplies restaurants and food businesses. Contact us for placing orders.

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