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Wine Not Try A Delightful Treat

 Wine Frosé

Everything you ever wanted in a dessert .... Wine Ice Cream

A perfectly sweet, fluffy adult's only treat

is simple, and best of all, tastes ah-mazing!!


Wine and soft serve are truly two of the world's greatest things. I scream, you scream, we all scream for .... wine ice cream? Yes, it's true wine ice cream actually exists and if you're not excited right now, you should be because there has never been a more complete combination of two of your favorite indulgences.



chocolateThe red wine in this dark chocolate ice cream really brings out the flavor of the chocolate. This dessert has a rich dessert flavor that is comparable to the flavor profile of a chocolate truffle with raspberry filling. Creamy, sweet, alcoholic dessert is all natural, reduced fat and high protein, with no sugar added. 




Recommendations to Try:

butter chardonnay

coffee cabernet


coconut pinot

raspberry merlot


vanilla pro





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