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Simplicity In Design



Simplicity in Design

Aurel line of machines was designed to be the highest exacting standards allowing for an acutely immersive visual experience. 


Decreased Footprint 

Soft serve is not just for ice cream shops. More and more restaurants, convenience stores and retail locations are offering soft serve desserts to their customers. For these businesses, every square inch needs to maximize revenue because of a finite amount of space. For this reason, we designed our machines to have a smaller footprint. 


Energy Efficiency 

Energy consumption has always been an important issue, but nowadays it is an essential component to equipment selection. Not only do operators have an environmental responsibility, but they also have a fiscal responsibility to reduce operational costs. For this reason, we designed our machines to be more energy-efficient. 


Increased Capacity 

A soft serve machine needs to have the ability to handle summer, peak-hour rushes. The volume of ready-to-serve product determines how long people have to wait in line. For this reason, we designed our machines to have larger freezing cylinders than the competition. 


Ease of Operation/Use

Employees of a food service establishment spend a good deal of time with any soft serve machine. Machines are cleaned several times a month and also go through a number of maintenance procedures. For this reason, we designed our machines to have the Smart Touch Control, a visual, touchscreen, LCD control panel.


Designed for serviceability

this machine is accessible from the side, rear or front of the machine. 

One of the main design requirements of the FS162 was to simplify the process of servicing the machine. Through an optimized design, technicians are able to access the internal components of the machine from any side. Oftentimes, service access is an issue because of how the machine is oriented in a restaurant or store. With the 360-degree design, technicians save time on the job and operators keep money in their pockets.

State of the art manufacturing combined with the detail of an artisan's approach. 

The designers of the FS162 set out to create a machine that harnesses unparalleled freezing power while displaying a simple elegance in its exterior appearance. While most foodservice equipment is used behind the counter or in the kitchen, a soft serve machine needs visually interact with the customer. This is especially true in self-serve applications. After several design iterations, we've landed on a soft serve machine that is manufactured to the highest exacting standards allowing for an acutely immersive visual experience.

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