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Allow us to put in the simplest terms possible... No! You should never consider purchasing a foreign made machine. They might be cheap initially, but they are expensive in the long run. Let us explain why. 


CHINESE MADE An important thing to keep in mind is that Chinese made machines break easily, so most of the parts that you would purchase would need to be from overseas.

  • Chinese machines are not generally NSF or UL certified which means they may not operate to standard & might be a safety hazard.9977 
  • Chinese machines are advertised as low energy cost but that's only because they're using a smaller compressor which causes the machine to be overstressed & prone to break down easily.   

When you have a tight budget, purchasing a Chinese or Korean made ice cream machine is tempting. The distributors of these machines offer a significantly lower price for a one of these machines, usually about half the price of an Aurel machine. Foreign manufactures often brag about the energy-efficiency of their machines.

The forgein machine sellers are known to exaggerate their warranties and advertise their USA-based warehouses having all the parts that you need in house. These statements perhaps are misleading & can cause a prospective customer to buy a bad product. 

Why would you spend thousands of dollars on Aurel soft serve machines when you can spend only half the price on a Chinese/Korean made machine?

Since the Chinese/Korean manufacturers offer extra parts when you purchase a new machine (extra compressors, beater motors, board, etc) this must raise a red flag in your mind. Ask yourself, why would they offer you free parts that should instead be durable and last years?

Service companies will only be happy to service the foreign machines because they are familiar with how often you will be relying on their services, which leads to steep service repairs. These machines tend to have very poorly made compressors and beater motors. The average Foreign machines compressor typically lasts 100,000-500,000 cycles. Aurel soft serve machines come equipped with Scroll Compressors with a lifespan of 2 MILLION cycles. Chinese/Korean machines have refrigeration lines that typically are made of very thin copper tubing that breaks often or makes servicing very difficult for refrigeration techs to work on. THEY ARE NOT QUALITY PARTS TO BEIGIN WITH!


Chinese made machines have condensers and water coils that often rust out and leak. Even the steel used to construct these machines is thinner and more brittle, therefore making it easy to break. All of these factors are what makes these machines so cheap in the initial buying price.

It is true that machines sold overseas tend to have lower power consumption than AUREL machines do?

While using less power is a good thing, it is also a bad thing when it's an ice cream machine. simply put,  More Power = More Ice Cream. The Chinese/Korean machines tend to have cheaper/smaller compressors and under-powered beater motors. When a compressor is small this simply means you make less ice cream per hour, and your machine might have issues keeping up with demand. 

Example: Customers waiting in line on a busy day, the inexpensive Chinese machines will not perform the way an American made one will such as over working being overly stressed. If a beater motor is underpowered, it will break more often, and you will have more electrical issues such blown capacitors than you would with a higher quality USA made machine. Using an underpowered Asian machine to make large quantities of soft serve is like using a small red Prius to haul a trailer loaded with cattle. 

 You will struggle finding parts & communicating.

Another problem with maintaining Chinese/Korean machines is finding spare parts. Your supplier may give you extra components/parts because they know that finding parts might be an issue. Typically an importer stays in business only for a few years, and soon after they will be out of business, you will have a hard time finding parts leaving your machines down and searching for help. 

Cheap Chinese parts that break easily typically are impossible to find a replacement for. Communication issues with the Chinese manufacturer will also be an issue, should you bypass the distributor when purchasing your machine. 

On a tight budget?

Aurel offers a financing program through Vend Lease Click on the link to apply today:!-AUREL.pdf 

Feel free to browse our equipment on our website: or call us at (888) 833-3338 for more information. 

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