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This Frozen Yogurt Spot Is Serving the Chillest Dessert in Westchester

Celebrate summer with a delicious treat you won’t feel (too) guilty about.














The topping spread at Brrzaar.


In past years, frozen yogurt has made a big comeback in Westchester. Looking to get your fix of this healthier, yet arguably equally delicious, frozen treat? This spot offers froyo, tons of toppings, and so much more.





Located at the Metro-North station, Brrzaar is the total package, offering a variety of hot and cold drinks, healthy bites (avocado toast, anyone?), and even a frozen-yogurt sandwich. But at the end of the day Brrzaar prides itself on the quality of its signature froyo, which is certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and made with live cultures, yet still manages to be extra creamy (and one could argue extra delicious).


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