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Air vs. Water Cooled Machines


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There are plenty of soft serve machines available to meet the needs of your shop.  Choosing the right machine will ensure that you will not be overpaying and will have a long-lasting piece of equipment. We have provided a list of information on air-cooled and water cooled machines to help decide which is best for you.

What's the differences between air cooling and water cooling soft serve machines? 


The advantages of an air-cooled machines is that you do not need a water hook up or water fittings also there is no water waist and easier to place wherever desired in shop. Air cooled soft serve machines use less water, on a downside they can throw heat.

How Air Cooled Machines work:

Air-cooled condensers need cooler, well-regulated air temperatures in the surrounding area.The machine will transfer Freon through the condenser while a fan is helping evacuate the heat from the condenser to allow the compressor to shut off.


The advantages of water-cooled units are that they are more energy saving and do not raise the room temperature and can run efficiently in hot climates. Water cooled machines are quieter and do not throw off heat, however they are now being considered wasteful with water. Depending on the climate of your location you will need to winterize your water-cooled units in colder climates avoiding freezing your water-cooled condensers. This will cause bursting the copper barrier in between the water circuit and the refrigerant circuit causing compressors to fill up with water.

How water-cooled machines work: 

A Water-cooled condenser utilizes water coils to transfer the heat from the condenser coils. When the refrigerant exits the compressor the refrigerant is extremely hot and the water is needed to cool the refrigerant back down to room temperature for the freezing barrel to freeze your product. The cold water will enter the machine through the valves allowing to cool the refrigerant and exiting down the drain as hot water.  Water has much better thermal properties at transferring heat. An ambient air fan is in the machine to help ensure airflow is still flowing to keep other parts from overheating. Water cooled machines are more suitable for small space avoiding transferring heat into the air and into the water instead. Glycol systems are also a great to help conserve on water cost.  

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