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What Is Overrun?

  • Overrun is the term for the percent of expansion of ice cream achieved from the amount of air incorporated into the product during the freezing process. An overrun of 50% means that it has expanded 50% Which means air has increased the quantity of the ice cream by 1.5 times from when the ice cream base was first added to the machine.

Ice cream manufacturers love overrun!

  • This means they can sell a tub of ice cream; half of that being air. It’s a great way to reduce costs. (for example: one gallon of mix will make one and a half gallons of finished product). An ice cream with 100% overrun: means air has doubled the quantity of the ice cream from when the ice cream base was first added to the machine. Gravity fed soft serve machines typically produce on average about 35% overrun. Pressurized soft serve machines can typically produce 65% overrun. For best quality and appearance of soft serve a 40-60% overrun is the most desired. 
  • This is what makes Aurel Soft Serve Equipment so exclusive. Aurel FS162 Floor Model and Aurel CS162 Countertop Models were designed and built to produce an overrun of 40% without having to be a pressurized machine.Both models are gravity fed that were designed to keep costs low for the consumers to avoid the large purchase of a pressurized machine while offering a smaller footprint of a machine that produces high quality tasteof product.

Appearance vs Taste

  • Appearance and Taste are both your key qualities that will impact your profitability. 

If you are looking to produce a creamier textured product for high traffic than you need to consider pressurized machine. The taste is the ultimate deciding factor. A gravity soft serve machine will absolutely perform a better tasting product and enhance the flavor since there is less air being added. Pressurized machine can serve bigger portions but the taste may be less satisfying.

  • Overrun is the air whipped into the product that allows the fullness form of gaining an appearance of volume that can easily be held upside down. Soft serve machines may beat the product inside the freezing cylinder causing the product to loosen the air, as well as some soft serve machines try to turn down the temperature of the product to compensate for the lack of overrun not realizing this in fact is forcing the product to become icy and loses the creaminess and taste. 



Pumps In Pressurized Machines

  • Pressurized machines use pumps to transfer the mix to the freezing cylinder and pressurize it. How the pumps are controlled is very important. The best systems use pressure switches that maintain the correct pressure, air and mix. Some machines use “timed pumps” that turn to the freezing barrel while the pump is timed so that it pumps excessively and then pushed excess density back into the mix reservoir after every draw. 

How to Calculate Overrun

  • When determining overrun you calculate by weighing a container (pints are most often used). Note how much the container weighs filled with your liquid mix and subtract the container weight. Once noted both numbers can be used again whenever you want to check your overrun. Fill the same container level with frozen product and note its weight. Now just plug it in to the formula… 


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