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Things You Should Know Before Purchasing


When opening a frozen yogurt shop, your purchase of  soft-serve machines will be the largest investment. Finding the right machine for your shop is very important therefor you want to be sure you are purchasing quality equipment that will profit your investment. This information may seem overwhelming especially with so many options in the market you want to choose carefully when spending about $50,000 on your soft-serve machines, the investment of your time will be well worth it.

zzNewNew Machines Prices range from a single flavor model at $13,000 to a two flavor with additional “twist” flavor at $26,000.

zref   Manufactured Refurbished Used machines that have been cleaned, reconditioned and serviced can save you a lot of money. Purchasing a manufactured refurbished machine with a warranty is a great way to cut costs. You can find refurbished machines as low as $7,000 to $10,000.

zmoneyyyyyLease Leasing to own machines is a great way to conserve your cash flow. Leases start as low as $500 per month.

zused  Used- You want to be careful when purchasing equipment on line you don’t know the history of the machine. It was for sale for a reason. Buying used equipment may seem like a great way to cut costs, however with no warranty may be a larger investment than you anticipated with servicing. 


  • Hopper – The area where you pour the soft serve product.
  • Freezing Cylinder – This is a shaft that sits horizontal inside the machine. The mix drips from the hopper into the freezing cylinder where it freezes. (freezing cylinders vary in size.) 
  • Auger Beaters – These are inside the freezing cylinder and they spin around to keep the mix from freezing solid. They also help whip air into the machine and make a quality creamy product.
  • Front Door – This is the piece that goes on the front of the machine with the handles. It also includes the opening where the frozen yogurt is dispensed. Most machines have a star shaped design where the product comes out – giving the frozen yogurt the look we all recognize.
  • Overrun – This is the air that is in the frozen yogurt mix. Air is critical to making a nice creamy product. Without overrun, the product will come out dense, icy, and won’t taste right. 
  • Scroll Compressor - have a lifetime cycle of 2,000,000 cycles verse traditional reciprocating compressors which have a lifetime cycle of 100,000 to 500,000 cycles.
  •  LCD Smart Touch Control - Most machines in the market have a digital screen that comes with a book of instruction on how to operate the screen which can lead to confusion and frustration. Most soft serve machines in the industry can only allow to turn on, clean mode, and change temperature.   Aurel soft serve machines offer a simple actual reading screen that are actually self-explanatory. Aurel implemented the world’s first 5” LCD Touchscreen Control built-in to the machine, the life of an operator becomes very simple. Through the screen’s vibrant display, operators can visually receive machine notifications and machine diagnostics. The touchscreen control also significantly reduces the number of buttons on the machine, saving time and easing the life of the operator. Watch our YouTube videos to see how simple operating the screen truly is.
  • Machine Sizes - There are different sizes, therefor we will provide information on both floor model and countertop models. 
  • Floor Model – These machines are on wheels making mobility simple. There are medium or high capacity that typically require 220-volts. (no worries if you do not have this already set up converting existing electric to what you need is very simple) Typically floor model machines offer two flavors and a twist in the middle. When purchasing for a Frozen Yogurt Shop the twin twist model is the best option.
  • Countertop Model - These machines can be nice for limited space by having your machine on countertop or cart. Most countertop machines are low to medium capacity. They are available with one flavor or two flavors and a twist. These machines can be a good option as an add on to an existing concept, coffee shop, pizza shop, and usually any kitchen that would favor taking advantage of the counterspace without needing to transport around.


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