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Ease Of Operation


Ease of Operation

When Aurel’s team came together as a group we decided to take a step back and review what was happening within the Soft Serve Industry over the past few years. What we realized was that there were some common inefficiencies across the board that needed to be dealt with, so we identified the current and potential future needs of the operator and made improvements their top priority in the design process. The results became the creation of an advanced technological state of the art piece of equipment that was simple to operate.

Employees of a food service establishment spend a good deal of time with any soft serve machine. Machines are cleaned several times a month and also go through a number of maintenance procedures. For this reason, we designed our machines to have featured items such as the Smart Touch Control, a visual touch screen LCD control panel, Internal drip free machines, extraction tool, and 360-degree serviceability.

LCD Touchscreen Display

The display features a self-explanatory set of options presented on a simple to use interface. When diagnosing the machine, the display explains what maintenance tasks need to be done. We were able to minimize downtime by implementing and proactive monitoring system that the user can control. This enables the user to conduct advanced troubleshooting procedures on the fly without needing to call a service technician. Aurel Equipment is easy to operate utilizing a Smart Touch Control; the visual touchscreen has an LCD control panel so your employees will be able to operate the machine with ease. Aurel has given the user the ability to be in control. Users are finally able to produce a consistently high-quality product for their customers. The future is here with the first frozen yogurt machine with touchscreen operating system. The touchscreen will give your operating employees full control of the product taste and texture; and, full control of amps and volts to temperature readings every pull. The smart touch control adjusts all aspects of the machine in an all-in-one dashboard.


Internal Drip Free Machines

For those who are fairly new to the soft serve equipment, you will notice just about every soft serve machine in the market has a drip tray that is located internally on the machine. This drip tray is visible from front or rear of the machine that purpose is to catch the product that internally leaks from your freezing cylinder that requires regular maintenance to avoid bacteria build-up and overflowing drip trays causing an internal product mess.

Extraction Tool

When assembling your soft serve machine like most in the market you need to insert your Auger Shaft (auger beater) into the freezing barrel and lock the hex into the gearbox. Aurel developed the Extraction Tool. The design of this tool allows the end user to attach on one end of Auger Shaft (auger beater) and lock the auger shaft into the gearbox without having to force lock manually. The tool also can help remove the auger shaft from the cylinder when disassembling the machine. Aurel provides this tool complementary with every machine.




360 Degree Serviceability

Equipment in the industry can be a hassle for service technicians to operate on because of the placement of ports. Aurel FS/CS162 shows a 360 Degree Serviceability, Simplified Design that allows technicians to be at ease. Service training videos and manuals are available online. Aurel machines are built to perform in the toughest commercial environments and feature a simplified design to allow for easy operation, cleaning and service.


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