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The Aurel model FS162 and CS162 is most popular when showcasing some of the many features that consumers like about soft serve machines, such as having full control of their equipment, conserving on energy while eliminating noise, and having a stunning piece of equipment. We've put together a list highlighting some of these unique features.


LCD Touchscreen


Find your way around your Aurel soft serve machine from A to B with this LCD smart touch screen. This display comes with an integrated training system as well as pictures and simple instructions to make operations easy. 

Aurel engineered the equipment with a five inch touchscreen, the display features a self- explanatory set of options presented on a simple to use interface. When diagnosing the machine, the display explains what maintenance tasks need to be done. 

We were able to minimize downtime by implementing a proactive monitoring system that the user can control. This enables the user to conduct advanced troubleshooting procedures on the fly without needing to call a service technician. Aurel equipment is easy to operate utilizing a Smart Touch Control; the visual touchscreen has a LCD control panel so your employees will be able to operate the machine with ease. 

Aurel has given the user the ability to be in control. Users are finally able to produce consistent high-quality product for their customers. The future is here with the first soft serve machine with a touch screen operating system. The touch screen will give your operating employees full control of the product taste and texture; and full control of amps and volts to temperature readings every pull. The smart touch control adjusts all aspects of the machine in an all-in-one dashboard. 

As humans we can be forgetful sometimes, therefor we added a smart feature that allows the machine to automatically put itself into standby (night mode) after 4 hours of no dispensing product from the machine while keeping product at refrigerated temperature the machine will switch from Auto to Standby. 

Key Benefits of LCD Touch Screen

  • Viscosity control
  • Easy operation 
  • Built in training
  • Live diagnostics 


Scroll Compressor Technology

Uses 70% fewer parts, is 20% more efficient, and get up to 4x the product of reciprocating compressors.  Although the idea for a scroll compressor has been around for over 100 years, the technology is actually more recent as 40 years ago. As a manufacturer we continue to advance, so is the need for dependable, clean and oil-free compressed air is significant especially in the food industry. Anywhere quiet, clean air is required, a heavy-duty scroll compressor is the way to go. Scroll compressors utilize a very innovative (spiral) design that compresses air quietly with fewer moving parts and less required maintenance. 


How Does a Scroll Compressor Work?

Scroll air compressors use two spiral-shaped scroll pieces to compress air. One scroll is still, meaning it's fixed in place and doesn't move, and the other fits inside the motionless scroll and is moved in a tight round motion minus rotating.

The moving scroll presses against the inside of the stationary scroll in such a way that, as it moves in a circular motion, it pushes and traps air into small compartments between the two. The compartments of air continue being moved through the spiral toward the middle. As the air moves further toward the center of the spirals, the air compartments become smaller, and the air in those compartments gets compressed.


Once the compressed air compartments reach the middle, they're freed into a discharge pipe to be used, or released into an air treatment system. An air treatment system is not included with the scroll compressor, as it's typically custom-created with the necessary components to serve the user's desired purpose. The air treatment system utilizes piping to transport the compressed air from the compressor, through a series of filters and dryers, into a receiver tank where the air can be held until it's used. However, some functions that make constant use of the compressed air to run assembly line machinery may not require a tank.


Key Benefits of Scroll Compressors

  • 100% Oil-Free Air
  • Very Low Maintenance
  • Incredibly Energy Efficient
  • Extremely Quiet


Clear Acrylic Door


Clear acrylic door shows visible product for merchandising appeal. The physical feature that customers cannot resist. Allowing for product to be seen helps attract the consumer to want to taste the delicious attractive frozen treat within your Aurel soft serve machine. Most machines in the market have a solid color door not allowing for you to see what is actually inside. Makes some people wonder how fresh the product really is. The door is designed not only to attract the everyday consumer but to allow for self-closing spigots that eliminates waste and ensure precise portion control. The spigot handle height meets ADA requirements for self-serving locations. The Aurel clear acrylic door is designed to allow the option to expand your menu possibilities, such as the Donut Filler.  Keep in mind representation matters. That’s more than just a hypothesis. 


Key Benefits of Clear Acrylic Door:

  • Eye-catching
  • Visual
  • Merchandising appeal
  • Designed for attachable options



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