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Please Dessert Responsibly

This dessert topic consists of donuts and ice cream or some may call it …doughnut. We’re not particular about the spelling – as long as you get to eat the ice cream filled doughnuts!! 


The decadent dessert involves your preferred ice cream flavor covered in a hot glazed doughnut. This mouthwatering dessert is such a success because of is its combination of hot and cold temperatures. Our soft serve flavor selection is pretty incredible, as well. 


Our recommended soft serve choice: vanilla, pistachio, chocolate, wild berry, lemon, and much more. Did we forget to mention this soft serve is GELATO!  Based off of ANTICO EREMO.  At last a soft serve gelato that is a simple two-step success that produces instant frozen desserts only requiring the addition of milk, heavy cream or water. 


For those who are interested in adding this hot/cold item to an existing menu we got you covered! The pastry filler is an additional piece that can be added to any existing Aurel soft serve machine. Plus, your menu will be more diverse and unique if it contains filled baked goods. 


A pastry filler designed perfect for an essential item for your bakery, donut shop, café, catering business, or other foodservice establishment that makes and sells baked goods. 


Aurel’s custom pastry filler features an easy-to-use design, allowing bakers to prepare their treats more quickly. Additionally, this product has high capacities that can fill large quantities of filling at once, which reduces the number of times you need to refill it. Smooth metal surfaces also make it easy to wipe down and clean out your soft serve product after use. 

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