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Top 5 Aurel Maintenance Tips



Here are our tips for taking care of your Aurel Soft Serve Machines: 

1. Change Wearables Parts: Make sure that you are changing your machine parts on the correct schedule to keep your machines running smoothly. Remember that auger flights, bearings and shaft seals should be replaced every 6 months while o-rings and h-rings need to be replaced every 3 months. You should also replace your drive belts and condenser cleaning annually. 


2. Rotate Flavors: Rotate popular flavors throughout different machines after cleaning. This will prevent one machine from getting more wear than the rest of your machines. If you keep a popular flavor such as vanilla or cake batter in the same machine, this machine will be used more than the others and will probably need maintenance sooner than the others. You can always rotate the placement of your machines to prevent customer confusion. 


3. Lubricate Wearable Parts: Be sure to generously lubricate the necessary wearable parts in your machines. Shaft seals require food grade lubricant along the inside metallic surface. The o-rings on the three draw valves also need to be lubricated before being placed in the dispenser door. It is also recommended that you lubricate the o-rings on the feed tubes to create a better seal. A lack of lubrication can cause leaks in your machine as well as parts not working as intended. 


4. Know Your Machine: Make sure that you take the time to learn about and train your employees on the proper use of your machines. By having all employees present at our onsite training, they will be better able to keep the machines running smoothly as well as diagnose any minor issues. Most day to day issues are addressed both by our technicians at the onsite training as well as in the handbook you receive with your machines. Taking the time to learn about the freezing temperatures, proper assembly and cleaning procedures will really help your store in the long run. 


5. Ask for Help: With every type of equipment, you are sure to have occasional questions and concerns. The Aurel user’s manual and LCD Touchscreen will be a helpful tool in guiding you along the way but it might not answer all your questions. Don’t hesitate to call the Aurel service department to ask questions if you are concerned. You should be aware of the state of your machines and diagnose a problem early. Don’t wait until an important event or a busy time to address any issues or concerns. 

Manual Procedure


As with all machines, maintenance takes time and effort at first but pretty soon you’ll be a machine pro! 

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