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Soft Serve Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Machines – Is There Any Difference?

Buying a Soft Serve Machine for Your Business

If you’re buying a soft serve machine for selling soft serve ice cream, look for a pressure-fed unit as these units give the best dispensing results for soft serve ice cream products.

Soft serve ice cream machines come in two types: pressure-fed and gravity fed.

A pressure-fed soft serve ice cream machine uses a pump to move the mix from the hopper to the freezing cylinder, allowing for more controlled and higher overrun. This results in a lighter, creamier and airier product, which makes the machine ideal for producing soft serve ice cream.

On the other hand, a gravity-fed soft serve machine moves the combination of product and air from the hopper into the freezing cylinder by the force of gravity alone. This allows for a denser dispensing, with an overrun of 25–35%, which makes the technology perfect for producing frozen yoghurts.


To summarize:

  • Choose a pressure-fed soft serve machine for soft serve ice cream
  • Choose a gravity-fed soft serve machine for frozen yoghurt

Also, you might want to check if the soft serve machine comes equipped with a heat treatment function.

Heat treatment helps with machine upkeep by using the heat generated by the machine’s compressor to melt any leftover product, thereby reducing the need to disassemble and clean the machine regularly.  

Although, a convenient and much desired function in soft serve machines, it is not recommended for units that are intended to be used for producing frozen yoghurt. This is because it can kill the naturally occurring probiotics found in a frozen yoghurt product, lowering the product quality.

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