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Industry Leading Technology

New soft serve machines designed and built in the USA unveils a simplified, more efficient and operator-friendly design for the frozen dessert industry. 

Freezing Perfection With INFINITEBOND™

Aurel soft serve equipment is able to deliver the perfect amount of refrigerant required to freeze the product through a proprietary helical design and a patented, Vacuum Furnace Brazing (VFB) technology. The VFB technology strengthens the bond between the refrigerant coils and the freezing cylinder walls creating the optimum freezing environment.

Aurel LCD Control PanelIntroducing A Touch Of Innovation

With the world’s first 5” LCD touchscreen control built-in to the machine, the life of an operator becomes very simple. Through the screen’s vibrant display, operators can visually receive machine notifications and machine diagnostics. The touchscreen control also significantly reduces the number of buttons on the machine, saving time and easing the life of the operator.

Designed For 4x Production

Aurel soft serve machines are the first to implement a scroll, nonreciprocating, compressor into the refrigeration system. We wanted to create a machine that is both energy and operationally efficient, thus the scroll compressor became a must-have. Traditional compressors achieve between 100,000 and 500,000 lifetime cycles. With a scroll compressor, the lifetime cycles jump to 2,000,000, while requiring 70% fewer moving parts and achieving 20% more efficiency.

Aurel Soft Serve Machine

Get Up TO 100% More Ready-To-Serve Product

The amount of ready-to-serve product is determined by the size of the freezing cylinder. Aurel soft serve machines have the largest freezing cylinder in their classes with two 4.0 quart cylinders. Competitor freezing cylinder volumes range from 2.0 quart cylinders to 3.4 quart cylinders.

Industrial Craftsmanship

The Aurel engineers set out to create a machine that harnesses unparalleled freezing power while displaying a simple elegance in its exterior appearance. As a result, Aurel soft serve machines are manufactured to the highest exacting standards allowing for an acutely immersive visual experience.

Made In The U.S.A.

Aurel machines are proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in Cleveland, OH.


We are committed to customer satisfaction through integrity, quality service, productivity, and innovation, which is why we are proud to provide: 5 Year Parts, 1 Year Labor.



Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA.

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